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Famous Babies & Kids Trivia

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famous, babiesSee who can get the most right answers for a prize! You can add more to this list also! (answers in parenthesis)

The Simpson’s cartoon – The baby daughter that only sucks a binky? (Maggie)
Popeye – Name of the baby who is Olive Oils nephew? (Swee’pea)
Gweneth Paltrow’s oldest daughters name? (Apple)
Jetsons Cartoon – George and Jane’s daughter and son? (Judy and Elroy)
Full House TV show – Danny Tanner’s youngest daughter? (Michelle) Uncle Jesse’s twin boys? (Nicky & Alex)
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pits Twins names? (Knox & Vivienne)
Bewitched TV show – Samantha & Darrin’s daughter and son? (Tabitha & Adam)
Michael Jackson’s youngest son’s nickname? (Blanket)
Addams Family TV show – Morticia & Gomez’ daughter & son? (Wednesday & Pugsley)
Bride of Chucky Movie – Tiffany (the bride) gives birth to? (Glen)
Little House on the Prairie TV show – Charles & Caroline Ingalls 3 daughters? (Mary, Laura, Carrie)
The famous Gerber baby – Boy or Girl? Extra points if they know the name? (Ann Cook) girl.
As a joke you can ask what Octomoms babies names are? LOL too many to remember!

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