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All Dressed Up

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Get two larger sized baby dolls along with the same style of outfits for each like: pants, shirt, socks & shoes, include a bib too! Place them upon a table unclothed and place next to them their clothing. Divide all guests into 2 teams and have them line up in front of each dolly. Pair up every 2 people in each team – any single person can play with someone who has already played. The paired up players will hold one hand behind their back, which would be the hand next to their partners, so they both would be using their outside hands and with these will begin dressing the baby after someone yells “GO!” They will need to put only one item on baby then go to the back of the line. The next pair will do the same, put one other item on. The first team to successfully have baby completely dressed wins a prize for the whole team! You could have a folded baby blanket for the last pair to wrap baby in to complete the process! What FUN!




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