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mix, matchDivide guests in half into two groups and hand out paper & pen to all. Each guest in group #1 will write down something baby-to-be will do by a certain age by finishing this sentence: “By age (blank), your baby will…” Tell this group not to tell how baby will do it, and offer this example “By age 15 months your baby will learn to like the taste of broccoli..” Have members from group #2 write down how their “significant other” does something disgusting or embarrassing. If they are single they can use a close family member or friend. Have them start with the word “by” and then describe the action. Ask this group to only write down how its done, and offer an example like: “…by sniffing his underarms in public.” When all have finished, choose one person from both groups. Have the guest from group #1 read her prediction, followed immediately by the person in group #2 reading their finish to the sentence! Take time to have the embarrassing behavior explained. When all combinations have been read – then mom-to-be picks the funniest sentence with the two who created it being the WINNERS!! What a crack up!

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