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Little Baby Animals

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This game is played by matching animals to the baby name of that animal. Like Cow = calf. It can be played one of two ways. One you can list the names of the animals and then the baby names in a list on the opposite side of the page all mixed up so guests can draw a line to its match and it can be timed. Or two Read the list aloud and have guests write the name of the animal then write what they think the baby name is next to it and whoever gets the most right WINS! Here’s the list:

Dog – Puppy
Cat – Kitten
Bear – Cublittle, baby
Bee – Larva
Frog – Tadpole or Polliwog
Goat – Kid
Deer – Fawn
Whale or Cow – Calf
Pig – Piglet, Shoat, Farrow
Male Horse – Colt or Foal
Female Horse – Filly
Duck – Duckling
Goose – Gosling
Kangaroo – Joey
Rat – Pinky
Penguin – Chick
Alligator – Hatchling
Panda – Cub
Shark – Pup
Tiger – Cub, Whelp
Beaver – Kitten, Pup
Swan – Cygnet, Flapper


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