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Guest Art Display

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Tag all your guests with a name tag and also write down their names on separate little pieces of paper – these you’ll put in a small basket. Pass around a sheet of paper and a small packet of crayons to all guests then the basket and have them pick a name. They will then draw that guest! If some guests are meeting others for the first time you can go around the room at this point and have everyone just say their first name. Nobody can say which name they drew or stare at their subject too much as to give it away who’s drawing who. There’s no time limit on all the artists in the room. Have a list of guests names and when you go to collect all the portraits created – number them and then put that same number next to guests name on your list and discard the little paper of guests name. Hang all the masterpieces up anywhere for viewing, whether its on the wall or a clothesline across the room somewhere and have them in order from 1 to ? however many you have. Then pass paper & pencil to all guests and have them make a numbered list of their guesses of who the portraits are of! You can make this a timed session! The person with the most correct WINS! it’s a hilarious game and good ice breaker, allowing guests to get to know one another better.



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