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Win the Centerpiece Game

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Print the following POEM – gather your guests and see who wins the centerpiece!


The news is out! quick send a cable! This poem goes to the lady across the, centerpiece (pass poem to her)

If someone wears a dress/top of blue, she must take this note from you. But if blue can not be seen surely pink will be just as keen.

Take this note and read the verse, pass it then to the gal who carries the largest purse. If it is you, keep the note. If not, then pass it along to the largest tote.

Roses they say are kissed by dew, pass this to the one with the smallest shoe.

We’re getting tricky, here’s a real humdinger! Pass this note to the gal with the most rings on her fingers.

You’re doing great! what a success! pass this note to the gal with the most buttons on her dress.

Alas, the gift is not for you, but it now passes to the lady who, with rage, admits to being the oldest age.

Don’t despair! here’s the next clue…this must be handed now to the lady with the largest shoe.

(Mommy’s name) is anxious…(daddy’s name) is nervous, now pass this to the lady who drove the furthest.

The due date is getting closer, (mom and dad names) will have a ball. Pass this now to the lady who is most tall.

We hope you’re all having fun. We’ve tried to include most everyone. From the largest purse to the largest shoe, pass this now to the gal to the right of you.

The shower is almost over and the punch is nearly gone- pass this to the lady with the smallest earrings on.

There won’t be time to practice, there won’t be time to rehearse. Pass this to the lady with the most money (paper) in her purse.

Roses are red, violets are blue, pass this now to the lady to the left of you.

We’re ending this rhyme, this is the last poem, the centerpiece on the table is yours to take home! 

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