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Number 2 in the Diaper – EEW!

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number 2, diaperFor this game to be played at baby’s shower you will need to purchase 8-10 different kinds of candy bars. You will also need the same amount of diapers. Heat each candy bar separately in the microwave until melted and smear all the contents in each diaper. Label diapers with A,B,C or 1,2,3 and copy this to a list which will include what kind of candy bar was placed in diaper A or diaper 1, and so on. Pass around all the diapers to each guest and provide them with paper & pen. Have them inspect each diaper and write each labeled diaper down with their best guess next to it. No taste testing allowed and the one who guesses the most right WINS! Give them a bouquet of candy bars wrapped in ribbon!

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