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NO Leg Crossing Allowed Game

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leg crossing, not allowedInstead of pinning a diaper pin or clothes pin to all your guests make some cute necklaces! Everyone wears one and if anyone sees a fellow attendee crossing their legs they get to steal their necklace! So be aware to stare and aware of your lounging legs! Here’s how to make some necklaces that are really easy and don’t cost much! Yarn or ribbon will work well and buy some lifesavers, jelly beans and glue. Take two lifesavers and glue one onto the top of another but in a crisscross manner – one edge to the others center. The one lifesaver that you used as the edge into the center of the other acts as the handle. On the opposite center of the other you will glue a jelly bean! It looks like a pacifier! Now thread your yarn or ribbon in through the handle! Make enough for all guests to wear! This is really fun! Another alternate game is IF anyone says the word “BABY” they can loose thier necklace. The one with most necklaces wins a prize!

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