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Clothes Pin Picking Game

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clothes pins, baby shower gameTake a wire coat hanger and clip as many as you can to it, or take a piece of twine or yarn and clip as many to that. Then have your player, taking only one hand, grab one clothes pin at a time off and hold it with that hand and continue the process. See how many clothes pins the player can grasp and hold with that one hand. Once they drop one they stop and count how many they have. The player with the most recorded WINS.

This is a fun and challenging baby shower game. You may assume whoever has the biggest hands would win or the longest fingers, but if they make one little blunder and drop one – thats all it takes. If they lack some coordination you will have an advantage. So while your challenger is doing it you can put the pressure on and say things to make them slip up! Ohhh drop it! Uh-Oh! watch out! Its slipping! Turn up the competition and have fun with it! You could also break up your guests into teams or groups of 3 or more. Then collectively count what they grabbed. If a team ties you could do it again. Everyone loves to have a re-try! Watch their determination on the second try be greater! I would discourage substituting wooden clothes pins with plastic beause they would react in a grip by sliding against eachother easier so you would drop them easier – wood tends to hang together better. Another cool idea for this baby shower game is to purchase some fabric dye, a color that goes with the theme of the shower and make it more concentrated by adding less water to your solution and soaking your pins in it for a little bit – not too long cause wood can expand, but clothes pins are meant to get wet anyway so some water wont hurt. Just keep them in minute or so – they will absorb the color. They look nice that way. Or pesonalize them by painting or writing with sharpie "Mary's Baby Shower" on them. You could also make a point system and write numbers on them or glue some bling bling sequins on a few for extra points. Everyone will surely grab those first! You can always try the game out prior to the actual baby shower and play around with it practicing and coming up with ideas. But its a great game that everyone will enjoy. If you have anyone with arthritic disabilities you can choose to have another game so they dont feel left out or disappointed in any way. Consider all your guests for a super great time!

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