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Cotton Ball Game

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cotton, ballGet two big and fill one up to the top with . Then blindfold the guest playing this game and hand them a big and tell them to scoop all the cotton balls from the bowl that's filled up over to the empty bowl. All the guest will feel is the weight of the spoon and not know if there's any cotton balls even on the spoon! This is a funny and challenging game. Whoever gets the most cotton balls into the empty bowl WINS.

You can also use two cookie sheets or plastic trays and a spatula instead of a serving spoon! Separate your cotton balls out of the bag so they dong clump together. Get a good brand of cotton balls and not some cheezy off beat cheaper brand beacause you want your balls to be firm and individualized not stretched blobs and stuck together. Of course they are cotton and they will want to cling together and thats fine, just separate them for the most part before getting started. Get a good scarf or blindfold thats comfortable and one size fits all. If your party is large you can do teams and blindfold two players at a time and add an extra bag of cotton balls. Of course you'll need a good volunteer as your cotton ball counter. Its a really funny game to watch! They think their spoon or spatula has something on it when it doesnt. Its a crack up! As your prize you can get a cute little basket, fill it with cotton balls and snack size candy bars with a bow. Or any other idea and incorporate cotton balls into it somehow. Maybe a new spatula or spoon with a plastic sack of cotton balls attached to it or tied off in some tulle with a cute bow. You could make a few of those because they are fairly inexpensive and have 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners. Another cute idea is to make a cottonball head band for the 1st prize winner! She will be proud she's the cotton ball queen! and you can tie little favors of candy and cotton balls in tulle wih a bow and give it out to all the other participants, just for playing and being a good sport! Have music playing to add to the merriment of it all. This is a perfect game for all guests, younger and older, its so fun! It was one of my neighbors favorite to play in thier family so I'm passing it on.

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