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Don’t Puncture the Membranes!

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water balloon, baby shower gameA great outdoor game! Have all contestants line up for this game side by side. They are about to waddle just like pregnant mommy-to-be!Pass out one water to each player. They all must race for the finish line with the water balloon held between their knees. The first to finish WINS. Or do it relay style and have teams of two players. Team members carry a balloon, between their knees, across the yard and drop it into a bucket. Each person gets only one chance. One person goes at a time. The team to get the most unbroken balloons in the bucket wins. When you fill the balloons up full – they are easier to break, so make it challenging by doing that to each one. If they are less filled they are harder to break.

You can also do a water balloon ladder toss! Prop a ladder up outside and assign different point amounts for each section of the ladder. You can have the highest at the top, bottom or middle and go lower in points from there. I think its cool by putting the lower amounts on the outermost sections and the highest in the middle. If you want you can do it randomly too. Its up to you. Give each player the same amount of water balloons and let them toss away! Have a method of points system and someone keeping track and the player with the most points wins.

There is another fun one called the chin pass! Teams pass the balloon holding it under thier chin to the next person in line. The last person in line has to run and drop the balloon from her chin into a bucket. The team with the most unbroken balloons wins. When a balloon does break the team has to start over with a new balloon at the beginning of the line and start passing. If the balloon falls and doesnt break you can pick it up and continue going. You can do this with a time limit or not and again make sure your balloons are filled as much as possible and not underfilled.  

You can also do a water balloon toss! But of course all these games can turn into a water balloon fight too! Just make sure to have these water festivities towards the end of your party. Warm sunny days, backyards and parks are perfect for these games and they are so fun to participate in and watch as well! Get your waterproof camera ready!


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