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PlayDough Booties

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Colorful Clay BallAt your Baby Shower, pass out little playdough balls in various colors to your guests, and give them 10-15 minutes to shape their cutest baby booties!

You may wish to purchase Using different colors will allow more creativity with flowers, laces, dots, etc. Do this while mommy-to-be is taking a bathroom break or enjoying some fresh air where she doesn’t see them. Then present her with all the masterpieces so she can choose her favorite and bless the winner with a little goody prize! Its a great game idea for your baby shower!

You can change this game up and do a stroller instead of booties, a baby wrapped in a blankie, or a baby diapered, a rattle, teddy bear, pacifier or a pregnant mommy.

You could just pass out the play-dough balls and let everyone make what they want and give them examples, allowing for their own creativity! Then they can be displayed and mommy-to-be can look at the great little art gallery and choose a winner.

Another fun idea is to make little ribbons: 1st place ribbon, 2nd and 3rd. And have prizes for each, making 1st the biggest or best and smaller as it goes to 3rd. Use play-dough over clay – its much easier to work with and less messy.

The left over play-dough can be saved for any of the kids of mommy’s at the baby shower. If your having your baby shower in a chilly month and the play-dough firms up, keep it in a warmer place prior to the shower so its easier to manipulate and form. I like using the play-dough 24 pack of colors because its convenient, but if you buy a variety of colors in the larger containers you can then pull smaller parts off of each, and roll them in small balls.

Use some small serving plates and put 4-6 balls of different colors on these plates. Pass them out to each guest at the baby shower. Then they have plenty to work with. Bright blue and pink colors are so cute!

Place a Popsicle stick and a toothpick on each plate as well to help with forming details! That really helps! When you collect thier masterpieces you can use a tray or just have everyone take it to the display area once they are done. You can take pictures for mommy-to-be’s baby shower scrapbook or Facebook.

Some of the creations will be hilarious. Encourage quirky funny things, something that would make mommy-to-be laugh! This can be a great game when you have several elders there with limited mobility. You can even do this out at a restaurant. Put the prizes in the center of the table labeled 1st, 2nd & 3rd. And while everyone is creating mommy-to-be can be with another individual strolling around outside for a bit and/or to a nice bathroom break.

You can also do this: Take the tray of masterpieces to mommy away from the guests and she chooses. Then when you come back to the group you can call out 3 names and have them stand. Announce that those 3 are the winners and from that point start with 3rd place then 2nd and 1st. Its a fun way to make them feel special or like they are on American Idol! LOL You could give gift certificates as prizes if your limited with table space at a restaurant.

Take all things into consideration when hosting at different places. Wherever your baby shower is once you play a game that involves shaping things with play-dough everyone kinda feels like a kid again for a while. If you want to challenge your guests you can have them do this blindfolded! Have enough scarves or blindfolds for your guests and keep with the same creation so everyone knows what its supposed to look like but of course with the lack of sight they just made it what they think it feels like. Then its funny when the blindfold comes off. They laugh at thier own selves and at all those creations around them. Its silly fun!

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