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How To Make Baby Bouquet Lolly Pots

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Creatively beautiful bouquets in a diaper filled flower pot. You make baby faces out of lolly pops and add some fake flowers and curly Q's! Its original and lovely! Everyone will adore it at the baby shower, especially mom-to-be!


  • 6" Plastic Flower Pot
  • Floral Foam For Inside Pot
  • Diapers 8-14lbs size 1
  • String Or Yarn To Tie Off Diapers
  • Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Decorative Ribbon/Trim For Rim of Pot
  • Ribbon To Tie Around Lolly Pops
  • 6-8 Swirl Lolly Pops Per Pot
  • Flesh Tone Colored Felt
  • Pink and Black Craft Paint
  • Small Round Tip Paintbrush
  • 2-3 Different Colors Of Yarn
  • Girls Plastic Barrettes Clips
  • Wire Cutters and Scissors
  • Small Plastic Pacifiers
  • Floral Tape
  • Bamboo Skewers
  • Foam Craft Paper
  • Wiggly Eyes
  • DumDum Lolly Pops (optional)
  • Faux Flowers and Foliage
  • Pipe Cleaners

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