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How To Make Baby Playpen Sandwiches

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A terrific way to serve sandwiches at your baby shower! These can be made prior to serving so your sandwich meats stay chilled. Serve on wheat, white, flatbread, italian buns, or kaiser rolls with your choice of meat, veggie, and cheeses. Really creative and appealing, these sandwiches will impress all your guests!  They may easily remove the decor on the buns before eating, just like taking a toothpick out.


  • bread/sandwhich rolls
  • chichken/tuna salad or sandwhich meats & cheeses
  • white coffee stirrer/small straws
  • decorative ribbon to line the sides
  • small decorative pre-tied minature bows or tie your own.
  • plastic babies and misc. baby items to be inside playpen
  • tulle/dainty netting material to encompass the playpen
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • serving plates

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