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How To Make A Diaper Aquarium

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Learn how to make a “Diaper Aquarium”! It’s very large in capacity. Its very useful and can hold multiple packages of diapers, toys, clothes, gifts & other baby shower items. Its so unique and cute. Perfect for gift giving and displaying at a baby shower. Make your own by following these easy steps!

150 size 1 diapers
42 size 2 diapers
6 total 1/4″ dowels (36″ long)
6 total 1/3″ dowels (36″ long)
2 total Hula Hoops 27″ wide (84″ circumference)
4 total Foam Boards
plastic fish & underwater sea creatures
faux foliage that resemble underwater sea plants
6 total quart size freezer bags
7″ foam floral ring
fishing line
Water Beads (optional)
7/8″ ribbon
Scotch Tape
Razor Knife
Philips screw driver
Hole punch
Wire cutters
2 yards Rick Rack
6 x 6.5 template
Cloth tape measure
Elmers Glue All
Large Glue Gun
35 full size glue sticks
Food coloring

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