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Planning A Baby Shower

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What’s the Plan Stan?

Its time for Baby Shower Planning to be a piece of cake! has got you on this! You’ll find in-depth resources to pull it off with success and save lots of money! You’re going to find the groundwork laid out for you which simplifies things – with all the key ingredients at your fingertips! Mom2be will applaud you and be ever so grateful, cause your about to throw a memorable & fun baby shower that everyone will enjoy!

Take the first step… Pre-Plan!

Visit our link: and print out this check list; you will find this to be very beneficial in getting started. If you don’t have a printer create a list similar on paper with pen. Leave room for notes. You’ll wish to get your ducks in a row and feel more confident when you have a plan. There are 7 main tasks on your Baby ShowerChecklist. You may want to have 7 additional sheets of paper and number the top of each 1 thru 7. The numbers will correspond to the master “to do” list. and possibly an extra sheet of paper to list your hostess helpers and their job title.

Now this will get you going in the process. Do your research. Enjoy your navigation throughout and let your creativity soar! Stay optimistic and imaginative! You will do great!

Choose The DATE  and time of the baby shower by looking over your calender and taking into consideration any holidays, work schedules, weather, local events etc. A good day is one that is exclusive for this occasion and no other happenings to distract. A good length of time for a baby shower is 3 hours.

Where will this party take PLACE – could be anywhere as long as it will accommodate your guests comfortably. You could have a laid back pajama partyat grandma’s house where all the guests wear their jammies. A spa style partyat Aunt Carol’s house. If everyone seems to be early birds you can do a Baby Shower Brunch. Outdoors at a park, beach/lake setting and picnic style could be fun too. A co-ed type deal that includes everyone – even the kids and have a BBQ! A Baby Shower Pool party. Tea party baby shower. At your place of work is a great time to do a surprise baby shower keeping it secret with coworkers and planning it for lunch or after work. A restaurant baby shower is an option where everyone can gather. You can make it extravagant or informal.

For the THEME – visit our “Theme” page where there’s a nice long list!

Games and Ideas

We have acquired a huge list of games & ideas by many party-go’ers over time. You’ll be amazed at how many there are to choose from. Go and click on our Games & Ideas section of the site. Prepare to be dazzled!


GLITZ up the place by decorating which coincides with the theme. If there’s no theme just roll with the baby related goodies. You can get poster board, cut out some desired shapes, paint, glitter & string up to the ceiling in several areas above their heads for a nice effect of party time. Floating flowers in glass bowl containers is always so lovely! You can dye the water with food coloring if you wish. Hats really cute too, is floating some rubber duckies in the water! Tie some helium balloons to baby toys, stuffed animals and sit them in various locations or use in with a centerpiece at the table/tables. Make a floral arrangement & with this addition: a pair of newborn baby size shoes tied to a long wooden dowel or skewer with some yarn/string. This is so cute! Party favors are always cute when wrapped in tulle, and tulle is very inexpensive by the yard. You can use the leftover or buy extra for wrapping prizes. You can gift wrap small stacked boxes for centerpieces also – which could double as your prize gifts (with a goodie inside) – having the winner choose one. Make a pretty banner, yard sign announcement or a pointer for directional purposes using some yard stakes you can purchase at a home improvement store. Some poster board or foam board can be decorated and glued to the cardboard which can be stapled to the yard stake. You can trail some helium balloons off this sign also. Tie a bow around the stake too. Attention to detail as you decorate will definitely get noticed and appreciated. Ask family & friends for petals off their flowers to decorate with. Think of decorations that can also be used as gifts to help save money. Candles are a beautiful way to decorate, so include them as you wish. Use what you already have and borrow some items too for using towards decorating – it saves money. Even asking some family members to help pitch in is totally fine and let mom2be know it was a gift from you all. A very simple decoration & party favor is cutting 6 inch circles from some pretty paper, rolling it into a cone shape, stapling it to hold and filling it with some pretty candies. You can tie tulle around these also to keep the candies from spilling out till the guests are ready to eat them. Use some pretty curly ribbon and display them at the table settings or in a pretty basket to pass out. Hand make paper garlands to hang around the room! Its a nice touch!


Check out our EASY recipes! You’ll find some really clever ideas with food that everyone will go “goo goo ga ga” over!


We offer a suggested play list of the greatest music you could play at your baby shower! These songs are perfect for the occasion and set an uplifting tone to the party atmosphere. You must check them out – and make your party complete.

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