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How To Make A Baby Washcloth Flower Arrangement

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This is a beautiful floral arrangement created out of baby washcloths. It displays nicely at the baby shower and makes a great gift for mom-to-be! Use floral foam for the bottom of the vase. Before pushing it down in wrap some tissue paper around it. I added some cello sprinkles that glitter around the outside so that showed through too. Purchase a roll of floral tape wherever they sell fake flowers and supplies or at a home and garden center, I found some at the dollar store too! For the leaves I just bought flowers that had pretty looking leaves on the stem and cut them off to use them for my washcloth flowers! This really makes a lovely gift 🙂


  • Baby Washcloths
  • Acrylic or Glass Vase (cheap at the thrift store)
  • Baby's Breath Flowers
  • Any Flowers That Have Pretty Leaves To Cut Off & Use
  • Floral Tape
  • Bamboo Skewers
  • Scissors and Wire Cutters
  • Tulle Bow or Ribbon Bow

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