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How To Make A Diaper Cake

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An easy project for the baby shower and loved by the whole crowd! Its not costly and can also be used as a game of "guess how many diapers"!? Mommy-to-be would appreciate the fact that the diapers are wrapped and kept clean. You don't necessarily have to use colored plastic wrap, it can be clear. I used 83 diapers total for this cake, You can use more (bigger) or less (smaller) if you'd like.


  • Diapers 8-14lbs size 1. This cake took 83 total
  • 1 Roll of Saran Wrap
  • String, Used For Tying Off Diaper Rolls
  • Wide Decorative Ribbon
  • Scotch Tape and Packing Tape
  • Plastic Baby Decorations
  • Bow For Top and Curly Ribbon

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