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How To Make A Diaper Stroller

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The cutest creation for a baby shower! Easy to follow steps to make a diaper stroller using diapers and shoe boxes. Its precious with a baby doll inside too! Please view this as a "work of art" for a display or centerpiece at the babyshower. I use the "cheap" diapers! I spent $6 on a package of "off brand" which isnt alot towards craft supplies. So many mom's dont like to use cheaper diapers anyway because they leak and are more prone to give babies a rash. Thanks to everyone with the wonderful compliments! I love you all!


  • 2 Kids or Women Size Shoe Boxes – Discard Lids
  • Glue Gun and Stapler
  • 10-12" Baby Doll
  • Rolled Quilt Batting or Any Soft Material
  • Paper Towel Roll Holder, Cardboard Piece
  • Jute Twine
  • Sharp Object to Poke Holes With
  • White Ribbon To Wrap Handle
  • Your Choice Color Wide Ribbon To Wrap Around Stroller
  • Packing Tape Helps Keep Diapers Rolled As You Work
  • Diapers Size 8-14lbs. Size 1
  • Bow Decor Accents or Tie Your Own with Tiny Ribbon

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