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How To Make A Diaper Highchair

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A Diaper Highchair is a super fun Baby Shower centerpiece that really gets a lot of attention! Easy to make following this step to step instructional video. Mommy-to-be will be so pleased and wish to keep this creation as a keepsake! The diapers will not be reusable, however view this as a work of art, decor, keepsake because the generic brand disposable diapers are so inexpensive you can afford to waste a few diapers. I give 3 suggestions of materials that can be used for the base of the highchair because it may easier for you to come by one over the other. Paper towel roll holders you can get from home, cardboard bottom clothes hangers are obtainable from the dry cleaners and paint sticks at a home improvement center or paint shop. I used the paint sticks and they worked great! Whatever you use, remember you will be wrapping 3 diapers around it, side by side over the length of your stick, so it needs to be long enough for that.


  • 4 paper towel roll holders OR  OR      O
  • 4 cardboard sticks from wire clothes hangers OR
  • 4 standard paint sticks – your choice as to whats obtainable for you.
  • 9×15" piece of cardboard for the seat & 6×9" cardboard for the tray
  • 2 wire clothes hangers
  • small baby doll or teddy bear to sit in the highchair
  • packing tape
  • hot glue gun
  • 1 package of diapers newborn size 8-14 lbs. You will use 26 diapers.
  • small bowl for highchair tray. I used applesauce containers.
  • Plastic spoon & fork (optional)
  • candy to put in your bowl
  • decorative ribbon and any decorational appliques or stickers
  • wire cutters and scissors

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