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Lots of Fun Baby Shower Ideas to Make Your Party Planning Easy, Successful and Memorable!

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30 ways, determine sex of baby 1. If you stare into the mirror and your eyes dilate, IT’S A BOY!
2. If your hair is getting thinner and stringier, IT’S A GIRL!
3. If the hair on your legs is growing faster, IT’S A BOY!
4. If your legs are just as firm as they ever were, IT’S A GIRL!
5. If your hands seem rough and dry, IT’S A BOY!
6. If there seems to be more of you in the back, IT’S A GIRL!
7. If your nails are growing faster and stronger, IT’S A BOY!
8. If your waistline has disappeared, IT’S A GIRL!
9. If your face has stayed slender, IT’S A BOY!
10. If you sleep with your head to the South, IT’S A GIRL!
11. If you have cold feet, IT’S A BOY!
12. If the baby’s heartbeat is 140 or more, IT’S A GIRL!
13. If you have shortness of breath, IT’S A BOY!
14. If you’re sleeping more than before, IT’S A GIRL!
15. If you prefer sleeping on your left side, IT’S A BOY!
16. If you have a lot of Morning sickness, IT’S A GIRL!
17. If the Maternal (Mom’s Mom) Grandma is gray, IT’S A BOY!
18. If you hate cooking or anything in the kitchen, IT’S A GIRL!
19. If you crave sour pickles, IT’S A BOY!
20. If you crave ice-cream, IT’S A GIRL!
21. If you prefer the heel of bread, crusty bread or toast, IT’S A BOY!
22. If you crave Orange juice, IT’S A GIRL!
23. If you’re carrying the baby low, IT’S A BOY!
24. If baby prefers to lay on the right side of your tummy, IT’S A GIRL!
25. If baby kicks you in the ribs, IT’S A BOY!
26. If baby feels like it’s dancing to your music, IT’S A GIRL!
27. If Dad seems busier than ever and more willing to help out, IT’S A BOY!
28. If Dad seems more daring and adventurous, IT’S A GIRL!
29. If Dad gains weight along with Mom, IT’S A BOY!
30. For the baby shower, if Mom saves more yellow bows, IT’S A GIRL!

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