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Planning A Shower

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Planning A Baby Shower

What’s the Plan Stan?

Its time for Baby Shower Planning to be a piece of cake! has got you on this! You’ll find in-depth resources to pull it off with success and save lots of money! You’re going to find the groundwork laid out for you which simplifies things – with all the key ingredients at your fingertips! Mom2be will applaud you and be ever so grateful, cause your about to throw a memorable & fun baby shower that everyone will enjoy!

Check out this Pinterest board for some fun escape room party ideas that you can steal for your baby shower.

Take the first step… Pre-Plan!

Visit our link: and print out this check list; you will find this to be very beneficial in getting started. If you don’t have a printer create a list similar on paper with pen. Leave room for notes. You’ll wish to get your ducks in a row and feel more confident when you have a plan.