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Purse Items For A Prize!

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purse, itemsMake a list of the typical items that most women carry in their , and make a point system. Fewer points for the typical items and higher points for maybe not so typical items but yet items that are carried. Call out your list at the shower and give the points out! The one who has the most WINS.

Your list can include: lipstick, tissue, bobby pin, eyeliner, keys, sun glasses, compact mirror, business card, chapstick, comb, nail polish, coin purse – the kind with a snap open top, eye shadow, safety pin, hair clip, pony tail holder, mints, gum, tic tacs, bandaid, receipt, gas credit card, hard candy, ink pen (any color or specific color), pencil, calculator, wrist watch (not wearing but in the purse), i phone, coupons, eye glasses, brush, mascara, address book, inhaler, vitamins, prescription bottle, nose spray, dental floss, flat iron, hair spray, notepad, envelope, teeth whitener, tweezers, eye drops, ear drops, checkbook, camera, highlighter pen, headphones, pictures of family, tampons, lighter.

You can add some things on the list that might be a possibility like: the invitation to the baby shower party! If they are carrying that they get some extra points. A dvd could be in their purse if they rent movies and planned to drop it off – extra points. A traffic ticket! Maybe someone has that in thier purse? they would deserve lots of points for that! a box of raisens. A candy bar or granola bar. Deodorant? Condom? or any contraceptive gets points. Or who has the most loose change? the most pennies? dimes? quarters or nickels? each one you have gets a point!

You will find out who the pack rat is of the bunch! and she will be rewarded with a prize! Yet another item for her purse! A great prize for this game could be a purse organizer! or a make up bag. Coin purse. Something to help her keep all those items organized! Its an appropriate prize for sure!

You could also make items take away points! Like cigarettes!? A dirty napkin. A napkin with lipstick on it. A toothpick. A small flashlight. An Ex's phone number. You pick what you would like to have as "take away" point items and watch the guest dig for it, proudly show it off to find out it took away thier points! You win some and you loose some! Anyway you look at it, this is a really fun game to play at a baby shower!

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