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How To Make Onesie Cupcakes

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A sweet baby shower gift thats easy to make! Onesies rolled up into cupcakes! They’re a wonderful creation that mommy-to-be will appreciate! Note: A small amount of adhesive spray or hair spray is used on the top of your onesies. This will wash away perfectly clean so that baby may wear them. If you feel uncomfortable using these sprays, you can choose not to. Its only purpose it to help the confetti stick better. It will stay for the most part without it. This is really a creative and very easy way to give a gift. I personally gave the ones in this very video away and mom-to-be laundered them and used them for baby.


  • 6-8 Baby Onesies size 0-3 months.
  • Cupcake Liners And Cupcake Wraps Or Wrappers. Using Cupcake Wrappers Help To Support The Onesie As Well As Making It Pretty.
  • Confetti: Bright Colored Sticky Notes/Curly Ribbon (various colors).
  • Pom Pom Balls.
  • Scotch Tape/Packing Tape And 2 Sided Sticky Tape.
  • Tissue Or Small Amount of Toilet Paper/Paper Towel.
  • Adhesive Spray Or Hair Spray (optional).
  • Cupcake Boxes Or Pretty Container For Gift Giving.


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