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How To Make A Baby Face Pillow

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This might appear to look like the offspring of "Sponge Bob" and "Sigmund Sea Monster", but its a great baby shower gift and you can use your own color choices too! For baby girl you can use pink & lavender and for boy blue, teal and green. This is a comfy sweet pillow any expecting or new mommy would cherish! Simple instructions, helpful suggestions for a beginner seamstress, and few supplies needed to make this a great project for gift giving! A baby face pillow all snuggly and cute!



  • 1 half yard solid color fleece fabric
  • 1 half yard decorative print fleece fabric, or you can keep both sides in a solid color. If you do solid you can purchase extra felt to cut out letters for baby's name!
  • yarn
  • screwdriver
  • scissors
  • sharpie marker
  • ruler
  • felt in these colors: white, black, dark pink, light pink, blue, and beige
  • 1 package of fiber fill stuffing

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