I have a really super easy recipe - cheap to buy - and its so CUTE too! get fajita sized flour tortillas, some hot dogs, cheese and oil.

Cut the hot dogs down the center long ways. Lay your tortilla out and put one of your cut dogs towards the edge - and fold over till complete. Make sure your dog is up high on one end so some of it is poking out - this should look like a baby wrapped in a blanket! pour a light coat of oil into a frying pan and lightly fry them! you can use toothpicks if they try re-opening but if your fold is in the back it should fry shut! when you serve them all you can sprinkle cheese over the top, add some cilantro if you want or diced tomato, and sliced black olives. Everyone will LOVE these!!! they are tasty and cheap to make for a big crowd!!

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