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Lots of Fun Baby Shower Ideas to Make Your Party Planning Easy, Successful and Memorable!

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diaper cake, handmadeI just made┬áthis diaper cake a couple of months ago for my daughters baby shower! It was amazingly easy! you buy a package of diapers, string, some colored cellophane wrap, you also need scotch tape, a big pretty bow for the top, curly ribbon and any other little decorations for the cake. This a 3 tiered cake. Simply open your diapers and take one and unfold it, not all the way as if your going to diaper a baby just laid out straight and start at one end and roll it up, then take another diaper and roll it around that diaper and so on until you get a roll of diapers around 7-8 inches (diameter) wrap it in string or yarn to hold it together. This will be your top layer, then do another roll and make it bigger than the last, and so on with your last tier making it the largest for the bottom. Wrap all these with your colored cellophane (I used the violet color for girl) The more layers the cellophane – the darker and brighter your color gets! it looks pretty! then stack them. I used the scotch tape to keep them all together, and it worked pretty good. You can put your cake on a large plate or some sort of serving platter. Plant the bow on top and wrap ribbon around each layer, make curly ribbon coming off your bow on top. I got some little string pearls from the craft shop and used it to make a draping effect around the layers. I used this cake at the baby shower and had people guess how many diapers for a prize. Then gave it to my daughter to keep and use for her baby. This was a lot fun! and it really was easy and turned out So CUTE!

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